Muslim women clean roads leading to Ganga ghats ahead of ‘Chhatth’; heres more

After recent controversy as Muslim women took to singing aarti of Lord Ram, several of women in Bihar capital took up cleaning up of roads leading to ghats of river Ganga where most of the rituals of ‘Chhatth’ would be performed.


Armed with brooms and large bins, the women started sweeping the floor. It is easily one of the biggest festival celebrated across major parts of Bihar, Jharkhand and parts of Uttar Pradesh.

Tuesday marked the first day of Chhath Puja, known as Naha Kha or Nahaye Khaye

Devotees observing Chhath keep a fast till taking a bath. Post bath, they prepare traditional food items incluging chane ki daal (Split chickpeas soup/gravy), kheer (Sweet dish made of milk and rice), etc.

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