My 5 Question to PM Modi : Abhay Tiwari

Abhay Tiwari National Coordinator,Indian Youth Congress IT & Social Media, Incharge of Madhya Pradesh & Jharkhand

“The Modi govt have destroyed India’s Economic infrastructure.Jobs are in peril.Businesses are shutting down.GDP is on a downward spiral.Tragedy is that PM and FM refuse to get down of the high horse of arrogance and autocracy” Said Abhay Tiwari National Coordinator Indian Youth Congress IT Cell and In-charge of Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand.

Further Tiwari raised his voice on his current 05 questions & said, when the entire country needs to work on humanitarian ground, Modi doing political vendetta.Their behaviour is not fair with the pillars of our nation.On behalf of people of India, we want to ask BJP Government to answer.

Union BJP government,PM and FM need to answer the following issues:-

1. Who cares for poor and middle class?

After 1947, our country is facing such a huge humanitarian crisis.The allocation of resources is big zero.But the government is playing the role of a mute spectator!Those who left India in search of better resources & scope were bring back in airplanes.

Those who stayed here,struggled here & contributed to GDP of India were left without help to walk barefoot on roads. Now one more Jumla added in PM’s account,20 lac crore.The entire nation has not yet forgotten ₹15 lac/head & ads on like today’s package are happening since 2015.

2. What about 20 lakh Crore? Is it another Jumla?

Do we really have 20 Lac crore? Are these schemes gonna benefit the real needy who is suffering now? The number of deaths due to lockdown is increasing every day of the migrant workers which is very painful.People need money in hand.Not loans for interest.

The 20 Lac crore packages has not only disappointed but failed to pull our country in this extreme crisis. The average fiscal estimate by bankers and rating agencies of India’s 20 Lac Crore stimulus package 10% of GDP is just only 01% !

3.Explain the double MNREGA?

MNREGA was once described by the BJP when in opposition as a ‘monument to the UPA’s failure’! Now the same MNREGA is being seen as a saviour for the poor in a crisis.It is now the safety net for the poor of this country.

Time proves it again,only Congress can govern.Congress cares for people!Our PM is only about PR,lies and Jumla Package!

4. Who is responsible for pandemic crisis? Why were there no special arrangements for food and income of the stranded workers for the first 50 days of the lockdown?

Truth is that PM Narendra Modi is solely responsible for this lapse.It is time for him to own up accountability.

5. Why not the existing PM National Relief Fund? What was the special need of PM Care?

As per figures available on official website,the PMNRF has a balance of Rs 3,800.44 crore.Since the PMNRF has been around as long as this nation,its acceptability is well entrenched and could be used in this pandemic condition.

There should be no problem in the government answering the following questions:

1. When was it decided to form a public charitable trust for inviting donations for the prevention of COVID-19 spread?

2. Under which Act is the trust registered?

3. Are the Chairman and three trustees working in their personal capacity or in the capacity of their constitutional offices? If the former,it would be a non-government public charitable trust,while in the latter case,it would be on a very weak and shaky legal foundation.

People of India will not sit aside like dumb and deaf.It’s the time to speak now and ask question to our PM and Finance minister as well.Media has to play loyal role towards citizen of India.

As we know its an another day of yet another peak of Covid-19 positive cases, another spate of reports about the plight of migrant workers on the roads and inside trucks,another day in office for imperious Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman bulldozing her way through hard questions about the economy that can no longer be set aside.

Two months into this unprecedented health and economic crisis, it is time to assess the Narendra Modi government’s response to this disaster.

All these questions do not admit of easy answers from Modi Govt. and leave the country with the impression of a government that is lost but does not know how to admit it or ask for help.

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