Myanmar military bans Twitter and Instagram

The Myanmar military widened its restriction on the internet as it ordered a ban on Twitter and Instagram in the country on Friday.

The Myanmar military widened its restriction on the internet as it ordered a ban on Twitter and Instagram in the country on Friday.

The largest mobile operator of the country Telnor reported that the military has ordered it to shut down Twitter and Instagram till further orders. Earlier, the military had ordered a temporary shut down of Facebook till February 7. The internet shutdown tracking website NetBlocks also reported that twitter is being restricted in Myanmar on multiple network providers.

The opposition to the military takeover in the country has been growing ever since it took over power and detained the leader of the civilian government Aung San Suu Kyi and others on February 1. University teachers in the largest city of the country Yangon demonstrated in support of detained leader Aung San Suu Kyi by displaying the three finger salute and wearing the red ribbon, reports the BBC.

Similar protests were reported from other regions like the Kachin state and Sittwe in Rakhine province. Earlier, residents of Yangon and some other cities in Myanmar had protested by banging pots and honking cars against the military government. However, the situation has remained largely peaceful in the country.

The National League for Democracy (NLD) which was the ruling party before its leader Aung San Suu Kyi was deposed by the military on Feb 1, has issued a letter addressed to the Secretary General of the UN. Arguing that the Nov. 8 elections last year were fair, it called upon the UN not to recognise the military government and put pressure on it to release all the detainees including Aung San Suu Kyi, President Win Myint and other political activists.

The newly elected leaders of the Myanmar parliament held a ‘rebel’ parliament to replicate the parliamentary session which was scheduled to begin on February 1. They released a statement on Friday calling the military government as illegitimate, and urged the UN and the international community only to recognise the government led by President Win Myint.

Meanwhile, 23 parties including the military supported Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) and others announced that they will cooperate with the Myanmar military Tatmadaw.

The newly constituted Union Election Commission (UEC) announced on Friday that it has started the investigation in the voter fraud in the 2020 general election. The UEC has ordered that the accreditation of the newly elected MPs have been rescinded for the investigation period.

The official website of the Myanmar military announced that the name of the President’s Office is changed into the Office of State Administration Council, and that of the Union Government Office into the Office of State Administration Council Officer.


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