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Myntra’s service is getting bad daily

Before purchase any product from please check review in google you can find a lot of suggestion

Myntra is the website of online ecommerce that provides product at your home, office and anywhere.30 days return policies and many more giving the offers and coupons. is showing many more offers but did you know, is really true?

Before purchase any product from please check review in google you can find a lot of suggestion. If you will check many review and found negative response. Every day the delivery service of is getting worse.

Most of the time the goods are not delivered in days. Delivery Boy’s delivery boy gives delivery according to his wishes If you want to meet today, you will not get it today. In any problem, you will not get any help from if you get something then only assurance of registering the complain. Due to all these behaviors of, many customers are not taking any products from are giving money and raising the problem. This is absolutely wrong.

I have written the problem maybe it happened with you So do not keep quiet stop to purchasing from this type of websites.You just wasting your time and money. If you returned the products but refund will get or not it not guaranteed.

Some reviews:

“ cheating and refunding my money This complaint against, first he delivered wrong product then i returned the product that time i order for Men Black & Navy Blue Regular Fit Checked Reversible Casual Shirt Size: 40, and company…”

“Read my experiences of shopping for clothes on the Myntra app. Ever since since has shut down and the company has become ‘app-only’ shopping has become a pain! Very unhappy experience!”

“Damaged product received. I ordered a red colour Mabelline Lipstick from Myntra and received a damaged product. I brought it to their notice but they are denying return or exchange or refund as they claim that when they packed the product it was in a good condition.”

many more…

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Myntra's service is getting bad daily
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With assembly election ahead With assembly election ahead, well known Digital Media platform has decided to gauge the mood of Chhattisgarh through its own opinion poll. As an aware voter and stakeholder of the democratic process, kindly do answer the following questions so that prevailing mood of state can be ascertained.
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ओपिनियन पोल
छत्तीसगढ़ की आगामी विधानसभा चुनाव के लिए डिजिटल मीडिया ‘’ नेसटीक ओपिनियन पोल करनेका निश्चय किया है. अतः आप नीचे दिए सवालों के निष्पक्ष जवाब देंताकि राज्य की आने वाले दिनों की सही सियासी तस्वीर सामनेआ सके. कृपया अपना मत जरूर दें- With assembly election ahead
विधानसभा क्षेत्र
फ़ोन नं
विधानसभा चुनाव में सबसे बड़ी पार्टी कौन सी होगी ?
किस पार्टी को कितनी सीटें मिलेगी?
अगले मुख्यमंत्री के रूप में किसे देखना चाहेंगे?
क्या आपके क्षेत्र में विकास दिखाई पड़ रहा है?
क्या छत्तीसगढ़ का किसान भाजपा शासन से संतुष्ट है?
जो रोजगार छत्तीसगढ़ सरकार ने दिया, क्या उससे युवा वर्ग संतुष्ट है?
राज्य सरकार ने महिलाओं के सशक्तिकरण के लिए जो किया, उससे महिलाएं संतुष्ट हैं?
क्या आप अपने विधायक से संतुष्ट हैं? उन्होंने अपने वादे पूरे किए या अधूरे हैं उनके काम?
क्या आप अपने क्षेत्र की सरकारी सुविधाओं सेसंतुष्ट हैं?
क्या नक्सली समस्या पर नियंत्रण हुआ है?
क्या प्रदेश के मंत्रियों के कामकाज से संतुष्ट हैं?
-देश हित के लिए मतदान अवश्य करें-

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