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Mystic who claimed survival without food and water dies

Ahmedabad: Prahlad Jani alias Chunriwala Mataji, a breatharian Yogi who claimed to have survived without food or water for over 70 years, died on Tuesday morning in Gujarat’s Gandhinagar district, his disciples said. He was 90.

Jani breathed his last at his native village Charada, a statement said. He had a big following in Gujarat. Jani’s claims of surviving without food or water were tested in 2003 and 2010 by scientists. He used to claim that he didn’t need food or water because goddess sustained him. Meanwhile, Jani’s body has been taken to his humble ashram-cum-cave situated near Ambaji temple in Banaskantha district.

“Mataji was shifted to Charada few days back after he expressed his will to spend some time at his native place. He breathed his last early Tuesday morning. His body will be kept at his Ashram for two days to enable his devotees to pay homage. He will be given ‘Samadhi’ at his ashram on Thursday,” said the statement issued by his disciples.

Being a devout believer of goddess Amba, he used to wear a red saari (chunri) all the time and dress like a woman, because of which, he was known as Chunriwala Mataji. Jani claimed to have spent 76 years of his life without consuming food or water.

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