Narayana Gowda claimed BS Yediyurappa Gave Him Rs.1,000 Crore

Gowda says the money was taken for the development of his constituency Krishnarajpet

Karnataka MLA Narayana Gowda claimed that Chief Minister Yediyurappa had given him Rs.1,000 crore for the development of his constituency (Krishnarajpet)and the money was being spent for development works.

“Somebody came to me and took me to BS Yediyurappa’s residence at 5 am. When we entered Yediyurappa home, He was worshiping. Once I entered, he asked me to sit and asked me to support him so that he can become the chief minister once again,” he said while speaking to his supporters.


“I asked him to allot Rs. 700 crores for the development of Krishnarajpet constituency.He said he will give Rs.300 crores more and will give Rs.1,000 crores.He also provided that money afterwards.Don’t you think I should support such a great person,I did it.Right after Yediyurappa said we got nothing to do with disqualified MLAs,”Gowda added.

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