National Convention of ‘Brahmbhatt Sangam’ on December 16 in Lucknow

Brahmbhatt is derived from the Sanskrit roots

Lucknow, the largest city and capital of Uttar Pradesh known for its cultural and artistic hub will once again testify a unique gathering of strength by Brahmbhatt Samaj in a grand social function organized by its ‘Brahmbatt Sangam’ on 16 December 2018 at Indira Gandhi Foundation, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh).

The programme is slated to commence from 9:00 a.m. Abhilash Bhatt is the chief convenor and organizer of this event. There is no admission fee and the entry to this function is absolutely free.

Brahmbhatt is derived from the Sanskrit roots ‘Brahm’; which means to grow and ‘Bhatt’ means priest. According to territorial divisions and casteism there are thousand types of Brahmins.

The Northern Brahmins comprises of ‘Panch Gaud’ while the Southern Brahmins are called ‘Panch Dravid’. ‘Brahmbhatt’ are the supreme priests of ‘Saraswat’ division of the ‘Panch Gaud’. Likewise their surnames differs from one another such as Bhatt, Sharma, Rai, Tiwari amongst others; thus making it difficult to know as to who belongs to which societies of Brahmins.

Brahmbhatt and Bhatt form one part of the society. Thus to gather more information and get to know each other including the know-how of their ancestors and helping one and all including to educate the younger generation to join hands and work together in harmony; this ‘Brahmbhatt Sangam’ is being organized.

The ‘Brahmbatt Sangam’ organizing committee comprises of Abhilash Bhatt, Nagendra Sharma, Avinash Rai, Rajmani Sharma, Jaychandra Sharma, Yogesh Chandra Bhatt, Manish Mahajan, Vipin Tripathi, Shambhunath Bhatt, Sanjeev Bhatt, Arun Rai and others.

No one holds any designation in this organization but are unilaterally working for the benefits and upbringing o the society on the whole.

The entire sangam is helmed by Abhilash Bhatt who overseas it’s functioning smoothly. This function will see thousands of people participating not only from India but also from around the globe to add glitter to this mega cultural and social event.

This organization is not associated with any political parties or social groups and nor in the near future too. This is an act of selflessness for upgrading the Brahmbatt society.

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