National Girl Child Day Special

National Girl Child Day

This is a strange irony of India that we do worship girls on the religious occasions ‘Kanya pooja’, but if a girl is born in her own house, then the environment is like hell.

The condition of Rajasthan and Haryana is so bad that the girl is considered a curse.The people who think girls are curse forget that they live in the country where Goddess Durga is worshiped in the form of Kanya, where the brave queens like Rani Lakshmibai was born.

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Not only this, the status of India’s most powerful politician was not achieved by a man but by Smt Indira Gandhi.

Every year, 24th January is celebrated as National Girl Child Day.On January 24, Indira Gandhi is remembered as a female power. On this day Indira Gandhi was sitting for the first time in the Prime Minister’s chair, so it has been decided to celebrate this day as National Girl’s Day.

This decision has been taken at the national level. Today’s girl is moving forward in every field of life whether it is a field game or politics, home or industry. Whether it is the gold medal of the Commonwealth Games or the task of serving the country on the head of the Chief Minister and the President, the girls are equally participating in all areas.

Today the girl is moving forward in every field, but she is still a victim of many goodies. These qualities create obstacles in moving forward. The educated people and the aware society are also not untouched by this problem.

Today thousands of girls are killed before being born or left unclaimed when they are born. Even today, there are many homes in the society, where daughters are not being given good food and good education like sons.

44.5 percent of married women between 20 and 24 years (approximately half) are women whose weddings have occurred before the age of 18. Of these 20 to 24 years of married women, 22 percent (about one fourth) women are such, who were 18 years old before the mother. 73 percent (most) children are born from these young girls. 67 percent of these children (two-thirds) are victims of malnutrition.

Due to female feticide, the proportion of girls has decreased considerably. There are 933: 1000 genders in the whole country.

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