Naxalites attacked Chhattisgarh Congress leader, security guard injured

Raipur: In Nakulanar, Dantewada, Chhattisgarh, on Saturday, the Maoists attacked Congress leader Avdesh Gautam on Saturday. Oddhadhes survived the attack, but his security guard was seriously injured.

According to the information, 4-5 Naxalites attacked the house of Avdesh Gautam in the weekly market of Nakulanar. In the attack, the Naxalites wounded security guard and looted their weapons. Naxalites fled to the forests after the attack.

Once the incident has been reported, the police has reached the spot and a team has been sent behind the Naxalites. Police said that the Naxalites’ small action team attacked local Congress leader Avdesh Gautam’s house in Nakulnar area of ​​Dantewada.

Naxalites wounded Awadhesh Gautam’s security guard and snatched his AK-47 rifle and ran away. The police team has turned towards the forest, from which the attackers ran. However, till now neither AK-47 has been recovered nor has the Naxalite police assaulted.

Let us assume that before Ovadshaw Gautam had attacked the Naxalites even before. This naxalite attack on the house of Avadhesh Gautam on Saturday morning. Nothing happened to Avadhesh Gautam in this attack, but his guard got injured.

The information given by the incident to the police itself is given by Awadhesh Gautam. According to them, there were two to three members in the small action team of the Maoists who attacked. The assailant Naxalites also had sharp weapons. From that he wounded the guard and the rifle was robbed and fled.

Congress leader told that his pet dog attacked the Maoists. Still they were able to flee the rifle and flee to the forest. After getting the information of the incident, on the instructions of Dantewada SP, a team of police has turned towards the forest, on which Naxalites ran.

It is known that in the Ziram case in 2013, Avdesh Gautam was survived. During this, many Congress leaders, who were involved in the transformation of the Congress, were foiled by the Maoists with bullets. Often the police have given security to Avadhesh Gautam because of continuing in the target of Naxalites.

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