Naxals attack surrendered rebel in Dantewada; he dies later

incident cast a spell of fear

A former naxal, while visiting a local village fair, was attacked by two dozen of rebels, who then took him hostage and slit his throat resulting in his death.

Sources informed that the victim has been identified as Baman Markam and he visited village fair in Muskel within Dantwada police station limits.

The incident cast a spell of fear and the police has thus summoned more forces to dispel any notion of insecurity amongst the locals or tribals.

The naxal had been serving the government on the post of Assistant Constable and had earlier surrendered to the forces.

Baman had been assigned to the DRG squad but he was then dismissed on January 15 of 2018 for some lapse of his.

However, he had been on the hit list of the rebels.

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