NCERT books to be introduced now across UP madrasas; heres more

NCERT books to be introduced now across UP madrasas; heres more

It is being termed as a step that would typically improve the results of the Madrasas across the  Uttar Pradesh as the government is planning to introduce NCERT books in approximately 19,000 such institutions across the state.

The step is meant for institutions falling under UP Madrasa Board. The Madrasas would also have to teach subjects like Maths, English and Science compulsorily upto Aaliya (high school and above) level.

According to Rahul Gupta, who is Madrasa Board Registrar, more than 19,000 madrasas in Uttar Pradesh will now follow the NCERT books from Classes 1 to 12.

“All books, except Hindi and English texts, will be in Urdu. Even Mathematics and Science subjects will be taught in Urdu. It is proposed to make Mathematics and Science compulsory at the Aaliya level,” Gupta said.

“We hope that by teaching these NCERT books, education at the madrasas will improve. The Madrasa Board is preparing a proposal to use NCERT books and soon, it will be sent to the government for its approval.

We want the madrasas to be equal to other schools and teach modern subjects. Also, the board is constantly trying to make the madrasas hi-tech and so far, about 19,000 madrasas in UP have been provided with internet connections,” he added.

Until now, subjects like English and Mathematics were taught only upto the level of Taitaniya (Classes 1 to 5) and Faukania (Classes 5 to 8). From now on, the government is planning to make Mathematics and Science compulsory upto Aaliya and Higher Aaliya level.

Presently, following the example of government schools, Hindi, English, and Mathematics, etc are taught in Taitania and Faukania levels of madrasas, but in Munshi, Maulvi, Alim, Kamil (post high school and high school level), Mathematics, History, Geography and Science are taught as alternative subjects.

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