Nephew knifes uncle in Raipur; on being aggrieved??

condition of the patient is said to be serious

In a suspected case of knifing in capital Raipur, a nephew hurt his uncle in what is believed to be a family dispute.

Police sources have so far revealed that the family is from Shyam Nagar of Telibandha.

The injured has been admitted to Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar Memorial hospital.

However, the condition of the patient is said to be serious.

This even as

police has apprehended the accused nephew


Sources revealed that Shyam Nagar resident Sonu Netam was aggrieved on some account and decided that to attack uncle Vishal Nihal to vent out his anger.

It is said that some family dispute had been ongoing for some reason and the police probe is ongoing.

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