NETIZENS Support Pregnant Elephant in the form of Pictures

By: Tanishka Vats - clipper28 - New Delhi

There is a whole outrage going on for animal rights in India where in the death of an elephant who consumed a pineapple stuffed with fireworks in Kerala got the attention of the country on social media sites.

Photos are flooded depicting the tragic death of elephant and reality of inhuman practices humans are doing to these species.People have gathered together from all walks of life to contribute towards a severe punishment for those responsible.

Mohana Krishnan,a forest department section officer who was part of the Rapid Response Team that attempted to rescue her, posted about the incident on facebook.

The whole incident got the attention of the public was when the autopsy declared the elephant to be pregnant.

While some sections of the media reported that the animal was intentionally fed the explosives, latest investigations suggest the method was usually used to trap and kill wild boars and other animals.

Officials maintained that Krishnan had not said in his post that the elephant had been deliberately fed a pineapple stuffed with explosives.They said he had highlighted the dangers of using explosives to ward off wild animals.

But following the uproar,many have shared artworks in tribute to the elephant on social media.

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