New Facebook sensation:Kiran Yadav

Kiran Yadav is the new Facebook sensation in India these days. Many are talking about her but apparently nobody knows who she is.With more than 9 lakh followers and over 5000 likes and shares on almost every posts,  People don’t even why she has nearly a million followers on Facebook or just what the heck is going on with her profile page.

The interesting part is that Kiran is no celebrity, as in she doesn’t act in movies or TV shows. She is seemingly not a political leader, activist or a public figure in any noticeable way. It’s just that whatever she posts on Facebook attracts thousands and thousands of likes and hundreds of comments.

Even if Kiran just posts even “hello”, that post receives hundred of likes. This sort of popularity not even regular celebrities have on Facebook. But then Kiran, or whoever is behind this public profile on Facebook, doesn’t seem regular at all.

Kiran Yadav puts every aspiring journalists and writers to shame with her shoddy and hard-to-read posts, all in Hindi. Her posts talk mostly about Indian politics, country is suffering due to some politicians and how ardently she travels across the country in search of truth behind every myth.

Facebook is a place full of such profiles. There are hundreds of profiles which have lakhs of followers but nobody knows the person in real. It’s mostly about some text and a provocative photo of a girl and the post goes viral. But there seems to be nothing like that with Kiran.

Kiran Yadav does post her picture in almost every second Facebook post that she makes. But there is nothing vulgar about it, although some may say that she is posting too many photos. The profile picture of the woman, probably in her thirties, married and dressed in a pure Indian attire is gaining this amount of traction on social media, just by writing the posts in illegible Hindi.

May be one reason why she is popular could be because Kiran seems to write from “dil se”. Her posts are emotionally-charged and laden with patriotic fervour. They are also somewhat funny. Although funnier are the replies from her followers.

In one of her posts, in which she talks about her Amarnath trip, one follower asks about her claims to find the truth Amarnath’s Shivalinga. She replied that she has enquired the truth behind the Shivalinga but can’t write on Facebook as it might lead to the blocking of her profile. And that is just one of the posts.

The whole profile seems rather silly, out in public with information like that she is from Vaishali. Kiran’s profile also notes that she lives in Delhi, but almost all the outdoor pictures she has posted are from rural India or some smaller town. It’s rather funny, and odd. But it seems that works for Kiran, or whoever is behind the profile, as it has attracted over 9 lakh followers in no time.

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