New ransomware attack ‘ Bad Rabbit’ spreads across Europe

‘Bad Habit’ is reportedly a new Petya-like targeted ransomware attack against corporate networks. Cyber attacks using malware called “BadRabbit” hit Ukraine and Russia on Tuesday, causing flight delays at Ukraine’s Odessa airport and affecting several media outlets in Russia, including the Interfax news agency.

The attack appears to be one of the biggest since the NotPetya cyber attack in June that first hit Ukraine and spread around the world.Ransomware spreads across Europe attacking planes and media outlets.

Interfax, one of the largest news agencies in Russia, said some of its services were hit by an “unprecedented virus attack”. The agency will be back online by the end of Tuesday, Yuri Pogorely, Interfax Deputy CEO, told Reuters.
Most of the victims targeted by these attacks are located in Russia. We have also seen similar but fewer attacks in Ukraine, Turkey and Germany,” said Russian cyber security firm Kaspersky Lab.

Ukraine’s cyber police chief told Reuters the country was “barely affected”.”This ransomware infects devices through a number of hacked Russian media websites,” Kaspersky said about Tuesday’s attack.

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