New threat is not Russia but China

BY: Mayank Agrawal

In modern era people are thinking about new threats and challenges for the world which may result in destabilizing the world peace.

In the past USSR along with the power of Japan and Nazi Germany disturbed the global peace by challenging the alliance of west comprised of USA, UK and some of their allies and colonies, which resulted in WW1 and WW2 ended with the death of German ruler Adolf Hitler, first time use of Atomic bomb i:e against Japan and the most important which still impacting the Asia & the Europe is disintegration of USSR, formation of new countries in the central Asia divided the power of that time Soviet Union. This incident clearly showed the major decline in power of USSR. This gave America an upper hand over the on going cold war between them since the end of WW2.

This can be clearly seen today by the aggressive behavior against each other between them even after the economic slowdown in Russia after the heavy sanctions imposed by EU and USA.

Although Russia is still aggressive against America but its intensity has changed significantly, now they think before they do. Their relations with Europe is improving as well, take the new oil pipeline named “Nord Stream” which transports oil from Russia to all the way to the Germany. This pipeline contributes to over 35% of EU’s natural gas requirements.

Russia is no longer a symbol of communism and they themselves also knows it well that’s why their aggressive behavior is now cooled down.

Whereas a new country is emerging as the symbol of communism & i:e China or The peoples republic of China.

Their aggressive behavior against Taiwan, in south China sea and clashes with India over the border regions are some of the major developments which are concerning.

Their strategic capturing of poor countries territories via debt trap is very common now. Some countries are now became literally an unofficial colony of China and Pakistan is its biggest example today. Soft loans with an undisclosed agreement is their key weapon of this trap, where they lends money in small countries at a very high rate of interest which can’t be paid by them and lastly have to handover some of their land to China.

This expansionist mindset was once used by Europeans is now became a weapon for China.
In response big countries like US, India, Japan, Australia and many other countries as well are working against it and challenging China through their diplomacy, they never misses a chance to encircle China at the international forums to raise the issue of human rights violations and genocide they are doing with the Uyghur Muslim in their country. The world needs to rethink that today is really Russia a real threat or is it China.


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