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NGO owner arrested for raping employee

Victim was employed by Barua in his NGO about 9- 10 months ago

Raipur: Rakhi police on Thursday arrested owner of a NGO operating from Nawa Raipur on charges of raping an employee and repeatedly exploiting her sexually with the help of explicit pictures and video of the rape incident. According to police, accused Himadri Barua runs an NGO by name Lord Buddha Foundation having its office in Nawa Raipur’s Sector-29 locality.

Victim was employed by Barua in his NGO about 9- 10 months ago. On December 29 last year, the complainant was in urgent need of some money and for that reason she contacted Barua who asked her to come to the office-cum-residence in Nawa Raipur and collect it. Reaching there, the complainant was taken to a room inside the house where Barua allegedly raped her. Since it was a Sunday, there was no other employee present there and it became much easier for Barua to commit atrocities on her.

Barua also took several explicit pictures and couple of videos of the incident and through them he kept exploiting her sexually on several more occasions. Unable to cope up with any further undue advances of Barua, she finally complained about him to police on Wednesday night following which Barua was booked under Section 376 IPC and was arrested on Thursday. He has since been sent to jail.


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