Nisha Talampalli Crowned as Miss India International 2019

The Bidar Girl from Karnataka makes India proud

Raipur:It was a dream come true moment when Nisha Talampalli (20) who belonged to a tiny village called “Dhumusur”in Bidar district of Karnataka,made India proud when she got crowned as Miss India International 2019.

The journey for Nisha started when she won the “Indian Fashion Fiesta”,it was a stepping stone for her and her journey for Miss India International started,She was one of those lucky contestants who was chosen from the 9000 aspirants who had enrolled for Miss India International.

After the selection she successfully cleared the telephonic interview,which was taken by Harshita and continued for an hour.

She impressed the interviewer with her response for the last question where when asked if she gets selected what position she would be aiming at,she said,“In my body both blood and confidence are equally present and flowing.My journey would stop at nothing less than the Miss India International 2019 title.”

The finale was held at,Indonesia.And the contestants stayed at Merlynn Park,Jakarta,Indonesia for 5 days was an opportunity to meet and learn from other contestants also. Nisha gave her total 100 percent effort,and cleared all rounds with flying colors.

The jury who were sharply observing all the contestants,finally crowned Miss. Nisha Talampalli with the most coveted title of Miss India International.

For Nisha those days are like unforgettable pleasant memories which she would cherish forever CEO of the company Miss.Guddu Rupani and Director Mr.Rajat Suneja totally motivated her in her journey.

Nisha further added, “The Crown of Miss India International 2019 is a dream of millions of women.Dream of The incredible Indian woman who would claim the crown of Miss India International will be seen,admired,and adored by the country.

This is recognition of a lifetime.This is the journey to the world of fame and success, and it would be a proud moment to be in the judge panel of India’s super model 2020”.

Ms. Talampalli’s mother, Indumati Talampalli, is a home-maker, while her father, Srinivas, is an agriculturist.She says that her parents always stood by her, and they allowed her to choose the profession she was interest in.

“Since my childhood days, I was interested in modelling, and my parents always let me follow my instincts and I am happy,” she said.

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