Ethanol could bring prices of petro and diesel down to Rs 50-55 per liter range

Nitin Gadkari appeals Chhattisgarh to supply paddy straw for producing ethanol in big quantity


Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has claimed that the much touted political pick of Congress against escalation in Petrol-Diesel rates wouold soon fizzle out as the rise is just a momentary problem. Diesel and petrol will soon cost just Rs. 50 and Rs.55 per litre respectively.

He claimed that it should not be considered to be a far cry as the present govrnment has done all that it has claimed. He said that Chhattisgarh is a big producer of paddy. The straw, which is considered to be of no use by farmers, can be used for producing ethanol. Ethanol, in turn, can be used safely in vehicles. If India adopts this bio fuel instead of the traditional fosil fuel, it will create huge pressure on the demand side of the fuel business. That will definitely bring the fuel prices hovering in the kies to the earth.

Gadkari said that Union governmet has already initiated steps to produce ethanol in a big way and encourage citizens of India to use it in their vehicles instead of fossil fuels so far available in the markets. Five special centers have been established in different places of the country. Chhattisgarh can ensure that there is no shortfall in the supply of straws fron the fields of the state to the ethanol production centers. Apart from straws, some other flora can also be used to produce ethanol. When India moves on this fuel, the world would be forced to bring fuel prices down.

He said that big ships and cruises are ferrying across the vast Ganga. These heavy vehicles do not use fossil fuels. these use ethanol fuel, which cost only Rs. 22 per litre. Chhattisgarh has got huge store of coal beneath its earth. This coal too can be used to produce cheap fuels.

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