Nitin Gadkari Says he Will Not Allow Driverless Cars in India

In India there is shortage of 22 lakh Drivers

Nitin Gadkari Union Minister on Friday said he will not allow Driverless cars in India, which has a shortage of 22 lakh drivers.

Speaking at an Assocham event in New Delhi

,the road transport and highways minister said, “many times I am asked what about Driverless car? Then I say till the time I am transport minister, you forget that.I will not allow Driverless car to come in India.”

Stating that India has a shortage of 22 lakh drivers,Gadkari said there was a need for growth of employment as well as industry in the country.

The minister also said vehicle scrappage policy was at the final stage, adding that “if we bring it then 100 percent our cost will be reduced because raw material will be cheap and India will be world’s number one manufacturing hub with regard to automobile manufacturing, e-vehicle.

And if this happens then definitely it will contribute a lot to $5 trillion economy.

The automobile industry at present is a Rs 4.5 lakh crore industry,the minister said.In May 2016,the government had floated a draft Voluntary Vehicle Fleet Modernisation Programme that proposed to take 28 million decade-old vehicles off the road.

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