No Monthly Fee, Can Call Families for Rs. 1 per min : Diwali Gift for Armed, Para-military Forces

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On Wednesday.telecom minister Manoj Sinha said that armed as well as para-military forces will be able to make calls to their families using a satellite phone for Re 1 per minute from Thursday.The current call rate for most of such connections was Rs 5 per minute, although some subsidised ones paid Re 1.”

The minister also announced that no rental will be charged from security forces from tomorrow.

On the eve of Diwali, we are announcing that Armed forces and para-military forces stationed in remote areas and tough terrains on borders will be able to make satellite phone calls at the rate of Re 1 per minute, instead of Rs 5 applicable on it. This will enable them to talk their family for a longer duration,” Sinha said.

“At present, Rs 500 monthly rent is charged for satellite phone connections from security forces. From tomorrow onwards, they will not need to pay any rent,” Sinha said.


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