Absconding fraudster leaves Britain, on the run again

No one k\nows what passport he is using!

Absconding fraudster Nirav Modi is on the run again. Having petitioned the government of Britain for a political assylum in that country, he left Britain.

He is understood to have fled to Brussels on Tuesday or Wednesday. His decision to evacuate almost coincided with front-page reports in the media that he was in London seeking political asylum. Indian media sharply reacted to that development. It even called ‘British Judicial thinking’ a simple bluff. Meanwhile, Indian high commission simply kept awaiting a formal confirmation of his presence from the British government.

This absconding fraudster, who sits on a huge pile of money looted from an Indian bank, is said to be moving in and out of Britain possibly on a Singapore passport.

On Monday, the CBI had requested Interpol for a red corner notice against Nirav Modi and his brother Nishal, a Belgian national. On Tuesday, a special court in Mumbai had issued a non-bailable warrant against the diamantaire and his family members.

A source close to the Indian government said , ‘He (Nirav Modi) travelled to Brussels on Tuesday or Wednesday, straight after the story revealing he was in Mayfair.’

The Indian government has been informed by Interpol that there has been no movement detected on his Indian passport since March 31 so he is definitely not using his Indian passport. If he is on a Singapore passport, the Indian government can’t do anything as the non-bailable warrant is against his Indian passport. They would need to put pressure on the Singapore government.

This was confirmed by the Indian high commission in London. It claimed ignorance of Modi using an Indian passport. Only UK immigration, which allowed him to enter the UK, knows which passport he is using.

They said, with a pinch of salt and truly too, Money can buy anything. That reveals a criminal mindset of Nirav Modi. He may have a fake Indian passport, which is easy enough to get, or else he may be using his revoked Indian passport and countries may just allow him through as they may not have the information.

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