Dengue knocks at the doors of Gariyaband, One patient cured after treatment in Raipur

No test kit available in Deobhog block for detecting speedy cases of Dengue


Health and family welfare minister Ajay Chandrakar’s harangues on Dengue have shocked the medical fraternity of the state, his denial of the ailment spreading at an epidemic proportion in Chhattisgarh hasn’t stoped Aedes Aegypti, the carrier mosquitoes of the deadly disease,from knocking at the doors of Gariyaband district. The first known patient Tularam (37) had to be rushed to the state capital Raipur for proper detection and treatment of the disease.

Fortunately, Tularam was cured after treatment at Balaji Super Speciality Hospital at Raipur and when he went back to his village Divanmuda, situated in Deobhog tehsil in Gariyaband district. He met the local doctors whom he had consulted before for treatment and thanked them for referring him to Raipur at a seemingly right moment. When these doctors and other health workers went through all the test reports, thay came to know that tularam had just survived Dengue, that was killing people by the scores in Durg and Bhilai.

However, the news came as an ill omen for the health officers of the district as they lacked the right kit to precisely and speedily diagnose the disease. As they contacted their higher ups, they too felt jittery. Block Medical Officer Dr. Sunil Bharati immediately requisitioned the Dengue detection kits in good numbers from the district headquarters.

The episode made the doctors and health workers posted at the block offices to take a different look at the health condition of 37 other patients, who were said to be struggling with health conditions similar to those of Tularam. That was definitely a nice gesture from them but the crux of the situation is the unavailability of Dengue test kits yet despite the BMO’s requisition.

Tularam, though fortunate to fight Dengue successfully with better medical intervention, he is now left lighter by Rs. 75,000. While he had to spend Rs. 25,000 before moving out from Gariyaband to Raipur, he was charged, it’s said, in the tune of Rs. 50,000 by Balaji Hospital.

The astronomical charges have been interned by this private hospital despite health minister Ajay Chandrakar’s warning issued to private hospitals and clinics against non co-operating attitude towards patients of Dengue.

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