Padmashree Pt. Chaturvedi’s ambulance catches fire near Simga on way to Raipur

Noted literary figure admited in Ramkrishna hospital for treatment of hip bone fracture


In a bizarre turn of events, noted journalist, literatteur Padmashree Shyamlal Chaturvedi’s ambulance caught fire on way to the state capital from Bilaspur.

He was being transported to a hospital in Raipur on Wednesday night for better treatment of a fractured hip bone due to a fall back at his Chitale Colony residence in Bilaspur.

As the 108 ambulance carrying him reached near Simga, its bonnet, covering the engine of the vehicle caught fire. It was curious as the noted and much respected literary figure of the state – Mr. Chaturvedi – was expected to be handled a bit more carefully.

The family members of Pandit Chaturvedi, who were accompanying him in the ambulance, sensed trouble as the ambulance cabin was suddenly filled with smoke. They immediately asked the driver to stop the vehicle.

After halting the ambulance, the attenders helped Pandit Chaturvedi to disembark from it. A different ambulance was arranged for him.

The cause of this fire incident was not known at the time of writing this piece. After reaching Raipur, Pandit Chaturvedi was admitted in a private ward of Ramkrishna Care Hospital.

Doctors attending on him claimed that he is in a sound condition right now but to fix the problem of a fractured hip bone, he needs to undergo a surgery. However, they are yet to decid the time to perform this operation on him.

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