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Now Covid-19 patients will be treated in private hospital in Karnataka

Bengaluru: Until now the state has managed to treat the infected just through government facilities that were set up during lockdown, but with no stop to the rising cases, the need for private players is becoming imminent.

Speaking after the meeting, the Medical Education Minister and in charge of Covid-19 in Karnataka Dr K Sudhakar hinted at roping in private hospitals to treat Covid-19 patients in Karnataka.

“In a scenario of increasing Covid-19 cases, wherein state-run hospitals will be full of coronavirus patients, the government is getting prepared to authorise private medical facilities to treat Covid-19 cases. And the fee structure of such private hospitals will be regulated by the state government for the purpose of COVID-19 treatment,” the minister said.

While private hospitals being allowed to treat Covid-19 is a welcome move, underlying concerns of them overcharging and opening doors to loot the public looms large. The government plans to curb this menace by holding talks with private hospitals & even possible price capping.

“The cost of conducting a COVID-19 test in the private lab and the fee for treatment of the infection in corporate hospitals will be fixed by the state government,” Dr Sudhakar added.

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