Now Gandhi to be commemorated in US Congress

US lawmaker Grace Meng has introduced a Congressional resolution

US lawmaker Grace Meng has introduced a Congressional resolution to commemorate the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and encouraged Americans to observe the International Day of Non-Violence in honour of the apostle of peace. An influential lawmaker, she said that the resolution expresses support for the goals and ideals of the International Day of Non-Violence, and encourages the people of the US to observe the celebration with appropriate ceremonies, programs and activities.

“This resolution is a fitting way to pay tribute to Gandhi’s philosophy of non-violence, and remember the legacy of peace that he left behind,” Meng said in a statement. “It is also a way to make more Americans understand, support, and appreciate the significance of International Day of Non-Violence,” she said. The resolution was referred to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform for necessary action. Mahatma Gandhi was a world-renowned civil rights and spiritual leader, who experienced injustices early in life, and learned to embrace the principles of non-violence as a vehicle for social and political change, the resolution said. Noting that Gandhi was influenced by religious teachings in Hinduism, Jainism, and Christianity in the development of his philosophy; the resolution observes that the father of the nation was a major influence for Martin Luther King Jr, whose emphasis on non-violence is credited with ushering in America’s civil rights.

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