Now play YouTube videos in the new Whatsapp update

If your friend send you a

Youtube link

then on clicking the link Youtube opens in a new window but in the new WhatsApp update,the feature will allow users to stream videos on YouTube from right within the app, as opposed to launching the YouTube app every time a YouTube video link is clicked. The upcoming update will enable WhatsApp to open a YouTube video in a picture-in-picture mode within the WhatsApp chats. This is aimed to be even more seamless than the split-screen function that currently works in many smartphones. In addition to this, WhatsApp has various other features lined up in the update.

The new WhatsApp feature will not open the YouTube app every time a YouTube video link is clicked in a WhatsApp chat. Instead, it will open up the video within the chat window.

The new WhatsApp update is poised to be available for Apple iPhones first like the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6S Plus and other similar screen sized iPhones. To use this feature, users will be able to drag the YouTube video around while it is opened within the WhatsApp chat. Users will also be able to resize the video by a pinching gesture.

Time and again, WhatsApp has released updates listening to its more than 1 Billion user base. In a recent update, the chat platform allowed users to share documents of format other than PDF and even maintain the quality of pictures shared over its chats.

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