Odisha police makes arrest of english lecturer; for parcel bomb blast case

The blast had killed a newly-wed engineer in Odisha months ago

After long probe, the Odisha police arrested an English lecturer of a private college on charges of plotting and executing a bomb blast.

The blast had killed a newly-wed engineer in Odisha months ago.

His wife too had suffered severe injuries.

The CID produced the accused, Punjilal Meher, in court and got him on six-day judicial remand for further questioning.

The police now claims that Punjilal masterminded and executed the crime almost single-handedly.

He went on to make a bomb all by himself, police said.

The bomb had been sent by courier from Chhattisgarh capital Raipur and it exploded when 26-yr-old Soumya Sekhar Sahu opened the parcel at his family home in Bolangir’s Patnagarh town on February 23.

The explosion killed him and his great-aunt Jemamani Sahu, in her eighties.

But the newly-wed bride, Reema, suffered extensive injuries in the explosion and was admitted to hospital for more than a month.

Investigators said Meher used to teach at Jyoti Vikas College in western Odisha’s Patnagarh town in Bolangir district.

He was aggrieved over the software engineer’s mother Sanjukta Sahu replacing him as the principal.

Police said Meher watched bomb-making videos on YouTube, scoured the internet for manuals and then erased his search history.

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