Offerings to Maa on Each Day of Navratri may Fulfill all Wishes

These offerings to Maa on each day of Navratri may fulfill your all wishes!

The following offerings as per ‘Shreemada-devi-bhaagwat’ have been described as best offerings to be made to goddess Durga as per tithi of Navratri. These offerings to Maa Durga on each day of Navratri may fulfill your all wishes

Pratipada Day 1
Offerings of Cow ghee will bring Good health.

Dwitiya Day 2
Offerings of Sugar will bring Long life.

Tritiya Day 3
Offerings of Milk will bring Freedom from miseries

Chaturthi Day 4
Offerings of Maalpuwa will bring Destruction of obstacles.

Panchami Day 5
Offerings of Banana will bring Development of intellect.

Shashthi Day 6
Offerings of Honey will bring A beautiful personality.

Saptami Day 7
Offerings of Jaggery will bring Freedom from grief.

Asthami Day 8
Offerings of Coconut will bring Freedom from misery.

Navami Day 9
Offerings of Flattened rice will bring Happiness.

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