On Ayodhya title dispute, Supreme Court had this to say

A crucial hearing of the Ayodhya title suit got further postponed today.

This as the Supreme Court gave eight weeks’ time for verification of the translation of the documents.

It need be mentioned that a five-judge bench led by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi yet again told the parties to give mediation another shot.

It is also said that this time around the court suggested that it would monitor the mediation efforts.

The court also made it clear that the mediation efforts should be confidential and nothing to be discussed in the media.

The Hindu petitioners have argued that several mediation attempts made in the past have failed.

The Muslim petitioners, though, have said they are willing to give it a try in public interest. The case has been in and out of courts for nearly 70 years.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, however, has made it clear that while the government was ready to “make all efforts”, no decision could be made until the judicial process is over.

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