On petition for firecrackers’ ban, Supreme Court had this to say

The Supreme Court has directed the central government for a comparative study on pollution caused by crackers and vehicles.

This amid the top court stated that people “running after” firecrackers when it is automobiles that are the “bigger” source of pollution.

A bench of justices SA Bobde and SA Nazeer heard the case which called for a complete ban on fire crackers.

Before Diwali last year, the Supreme Court had restricted the use of firecrackers to tackle concerns about Delhi’s notorious pollution, and also other cities.

The Supreme Court had also ruled out sale of crackers online, warning that e-commerce sites will be hauled up for contempt.

The top court will take up the case again on April 3.

The air quality index, which measures the concentration of poisonous particulate matter, crossed 300 several times in Delhi last year.

Anything above 100 is considered unhealthy by the Central Pollution Control Board.

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