OnePlus Launches its own International Roaming Program

OnePlus launches its own international roaming program .

A few days back, the latest Open beta for the OnePlus 6 started rolling out, bringing a host of new features and a new roaming program from the Chinese giant.

This program, as the official changelog explains, will let international roamers surf the internet without switching to a local SIM card or plan.

However, it won’t come for free.

Here’s all about it.

OnePlus Roaming: How it would work?

Normally, moving to a new country requires the user to switch to a new carrier and their plan.

However, OnePlus is ending that hassle by enabling a ‘virtual SIM’ of sorts with its ‘OnePlus Roaming’ service.

It won’t let you send texts or make cellular calls but will enable a plan for surfing the internet.

Then, you can at least use WhatsApp for calling.

How much this service would cost?

Though the feature is not publicly available, XDA Developers tried the beta and found that the plans listed under this service don’t come cheap.

According to the screenshots they shared, a plan of 4GB data with a validity of 8 days in India will cost $23 for those visiting the country.

The plans for those traveling to the US are even costlier.

Will Indian users get this service?

It is unclear at the moment.

However, the changelog for the feature says that “it should work globally in most of the countries/regions, and it will list out the plans available for the country/regions you are in”.

Then, you can purchase the plan of your choice by heading to the Wi-Fi & Internet section in Settings and enable it after reaching the destination.

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