Opposition grows to Cgarh govt’s move to recruit teachers, heres more

As the Chhattisgarh government issued an order for recruitment against 15000 of the vacant posts of teachers, opposition to the order has also begun.

Chhattisgarh Panchayat Nagriya Nikaay Sangh state General Secretary Ranjay Singh that such an order has been issued even when the Panchayat cadre teachers are already working to achieve same objectives

He demanded that untill the Shikshak Panchyat Nagriya Nikaay (Shiksha Karmis) are not regularized, the direct recruitment process must be kept withheld.

He also opined that teachers and assistant teachers who are well qualified and long been serving the society in the same post, need to be promoted and only after that, should the government proceed with the recruitment afresh.

Ranjay Singh said that while a few of the Shikshakarmis have indeed been regularized, many are still waiting for regularization even when the same has been promised in the Congress manifesto prior to the state election.

He said that it would be gross injustice with the Panchayat cadre teachers that government should proceed with the regularization without first regularizing them.

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