Over two dozen parents face arrest; for children’s driving; know more

According to a report from the Hyderabad traffic police, 26 parents have been arrested in the city after their children were found behind the wheel over last two months duration.

From compulsory counselling sessions to registering of First Information Reports or FIRs, the traffic police in Hyderabad has evolved a full-fledged program.

This is part of the Hyderabad police mandate to enlighten and counsel both the children and parents.

The strict action comes after a reported increase in incidents of minors getting involved in accidents.

An official said that while a minor was sent to jail for one month and such drive is continuing because driving not only endanger their life but others too.

Earlier this week, four second year engineering students had partied at a pub and then drove the four-wheeler on to a sidewalk thereby killing 48-year-old Ashok, a cobbler who was sleeping on the pavement in Kushaiguda.

Subsequently, CCTV footage emerged of the four girls coming out of a bar a short while before the accident.

The police later said the girl at the wheel was not drunk. Only one of the other girls had consumed liquor.

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