Oxygen-Rich Air

Awereness about Oxygen-Rich air

A normal human can survive for 3 weeks without food, without water 3 days, but without air hardly for 3 minutes. According to WHO approximately 70 lakhs of people died due to Air Pollution and thus we need Oxygen Rich Air.

Three inappropriate things present in air are :-

  • Carbon and Dust
  • Toxic gases
  • Low Oxygen


We all are aware of Carbon and Dust as well as toxic gases in air. But we are not aware about the major issue in cities that is ‘Low Oxygen’.

A single person needs about 500 litre of Oxygen a day, which is possible only if we get 11000 litre of fresh air which contains atleast 19.5% of Oxygen.

If the level of Oxygen falls less than 10% it will highly effect the brain or may cause death. Cancer cells do not need oxygen as a result to this Low Oxygen may also cause Cancer.

How to get ‘Oxygen-Rich Air’


  • Less use of AC.
  • Keeping free space in home by discarding unwanted things
  • Keeping windows open to let fresh air come in.
  • Reducing self pollution.
  • Planting more and more trees and reducing the use of Pesticides on it.

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