Oxytocin sale to be regulated in Punjab, know more


Aiming to put a check on misuse of Oxytocin, the State government has devised stringent measures to regulate Oxytocin sale in Punjab, informed KS Pannu Commissioner Food and Drug Administration Punjab.

He informed that Government of India has mandated via a notification that Oxytocin formulations shall be manufactured by public sector undertakings licensed under the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules 1945.

Accordingly, Union government has notified Karnataka Antibiotics and Pharmaceuticals Limited( KAPL ) a Public Sector Company for manufacturing Oxytocin drug.

Further, Union Health and Family Welfare ministry has shifted Oxytocin drug from Schedule H in Drugs and Cosmetics Rules,1945 to Schedule H1 of the same rules implying that it can be sold/ distributed by authorised chemists and health Institutions on the basis of a written prescription of a doctor and a daily stock register with regard to Schedule H1 drugs shall be maintained.

Since Oxytocin has the potential of grave misuse causing harm to animals and humans, Drug Administration Punjab will keep a tab on procurement of the drug in Punjab through direct communication with KAPL.

Thereafter, its distribution within the State will be monitored and the retail sale will be under strict vigil. Gone are the days of “off the shelf ” sale of Oxytocin drug, said Pannu and added that it will be sold by the chemists having proper purchase documents and they would then sell it only on due prescription of a physician /veterinarian.

At the time of sale of the drug, the chemist is to keep the record of the doctor’s prescription as well as the identity proof of the buyer and also enter the details in daily stock register of Schedule H1 drugs.

The Commissionerate will maintain the complete record of buyers /sellers and the doctors prescribing the drug , said Pannu.

Exhorting the concerned to stick by the regulations,Pannu said that any violation of instructions should invite strict legal action against the delinquents as per the provisions of Drug and Cosmetics Act,1940.

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