Padmavat first day earning Rs.19 crores

Padmavat, the victim of the highly controversial and violent protest of Sanjay Leela Bhansali, has collected a collection of 19 million rupees on the first day of its release at the domestic box office. It does not include five crore rupees, which have been received from the paid preview.

This moviema story of Sanjay Leela Bhansali, presented by the fifteenth century Sufi and Nirguna Premashayya poetry, the basis for the famous composition of ‘Zadabdar Malik Mohammed Jaisi’, Padmavat, was presented by Padmavat on the expedited line of trade pundits.

The film was expected to get an opening of Rs 20-25 crore, and its biggest reason was uncertainty. People were escaping from going to the theater watching the situation of violent protests across the country and in many parts of the country the film was not seen in theaters. Padmavat had paid Rs 5 crore in the paid preview and if it was added, Padmavat has so far collected 24 crores collection.

Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor starrer, about two hours and 43 minutes of Padmavat was released in 4.5 thousand screens across the country. The film was dubbed in Hindi besides Tamil and Telugu. The sensor gave the U / A certificate to the film with five conditions, in which the name was changed from Padmavati to Padmavati. Although it is the first month of the year, but no film has been released for the first 12 days of Nation Wide.

There are no more than two crore openings of any film so far this year, so Padmavat has become the number one opener in 2018 itself. Had Padmavat been released on time (December 1, 2017), then the cost of the film was around 180 crores but due to delay the budget is being reported to 200 crores and it would be a big challenge for Bhansali and the producer company to recover it.

It is to be mentioned that Shah Rukh Khan’s Rais, which was released on January 25 last year, received Rs 20.42 crore from the domestic box office on the first day, while Hrithik Roshan’s worth was Rs 10.43 crore.

Well, for the three lead stars of Bhansali and Padmavat, this is the biggest opening to their last release films.

In the meantime, even the first day’s figures came from Overseas. Australia has a collection of 8.8 million, 80 lakh eight thousand in the UK and 29 lakh 99 thousand in New Zealand.

In Ranveer Singh’s film career, Gunday had been his biggest opener till now, which had made a turnover of Rs 16 crore 12 lakhs. Ranveer-Deepika’s Combination Film Tablet’s Ras Lela ‘Ram-Leela’ had a collection of Rs.18 million and Bajirao Mastani (Prieka’s steak) worth Rs 12.8 million. Deepika Padukone has earlier got a big opening in Shah Rukh Khan’s films, but this is their biggest opening in this combination.

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