Pak spy nabbed in Punjab; came in contact through Facebook!!!

spy has been identified as Ravi Kumar who worked with Pakistan's intelligence agency ISI

In a joint operation of the Punjab state special operations cell with the military intelligence, a Pakistani spy was nabbed by them.

As per preliminary reports, the spy has been identified as Ravi Kumar who worked with Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI.

It is said that he had been recruited by ISI seven months ago through Facebook.

Source indicated that Kumar has been booked under various sections of the Official Secrets Act and some sections of the Indian Penal Code.

Police have recovered from him the photographs of vital installations, hand-made maps of restricted areas, photocopies of restricted training manuals of the Army and information regarding Army attack formations.

Police also believes that the Kumar provided Pakistan information with regard to the movement of Army units and other critical information.

The official note said investigation had shown that Kumar was in regular touch with Pakistani ISI officers over mobile phone and internet.

It is said that he was receiving money that was routed through Dubai and the accused himself has been to Dubai from February 20-24 this year.

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