Pakistan approves 6-month extension of visa to Kiran Bala; who converted, remarried there

The woman had been part of a religious delegation

It was expected and it has now been confirmed.

The Pakistani authorities have granted a six-month extension of the visa of an Indian woman Kiran Bala, who is said to have converted to Islam and married a Pakistani man while visiting Lahore.

The woman had been part of a religious delegation.

Kiran Bala, who has taken the name Amna Bibi after her conversion, was granted a Pakistani visa valid from April 12 to 21 to visit Lahore for the Baisakhi festival.

She however, went on to marry a man named Muhammad Azam, whom she reportedly befriended on social media.

The marriage took place in Lahore and she then posted a viral video message that she takes responsibility of her actions.

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