Pakistan does it again; flaunts Afghan mosque to promote ‘local tourism’

Pakistan does it again and even goes to flaunt it. While the earlier goof up had been of the Maleeha Lodhi.

When she held up a Palestinian girl’s photo terming her to be of Kashmir and branding her as ‘face of Indian democracy’, now the tourism department posts a video featuring an Afghan mosque while promoting domestic tourism.

The video went viral on the social media and Pakistan once again became laughing stock.

The video, which was meant to highlight famous Pakistani heritage sites, also featured a picture of the shrine of Hazrat Ali (commonly known as the Blue Mosque), located in Mazar-i-Sharif in Afghanistan.


The caption of the video, posted by the Government of Pakistan’s official Twitter handle, read Pakistan’s “mind-blowing sceneries, civilization, heritage, culture.


This video, which was widely shared on the social media, was later deleted after the authorities realised their mistake.


The incident was reported days after Pakistan’s UN envoy tried to pass off a photograph of a Palestinian as a victim of pellet gun fire in Kashmir.

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