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Pakistan petition on Kashmir includes Rahul Gandhi’s statement, Amit Shah says Congress should be ‘ashamed’

Pakistan had mentioned the statements of Rahul Gandhi about reports of violence and people dying in Kashmir following the abrogation of Article 370 it in its petition against India.

On Sunday, Home Minister Amit Shah said while attacking the Congress that it should be “ashamed” that its leader Rahul Gandhi’s statement was used by Pakistan in its petition to the UN on Kashmir.

At a public meeting, the BJP president Amit Shah, said people have supported the Narendra Modi government’s move to nullify Article 370 but some, he added in a swipe at Gandhi, are still opposing it.

“The Congress opposed the move to remove Article 370. Whatever statements Rahul Gandhi make are lauded in Pakistan. Pakistan has included his comments in its plea. Congress leaders should be ashamed that these statements are being used against India,” he said.

Gandhi had in a statement spoken about reports of violence and “people dying” in Kashmir following the removal of provisions of Article 370, which gave Jammu and Kashmir special status, and Pakistan had mentioned it in its petition against India.

Shah said the revocation of the special status has paved the way for development in Jammu and Kashmir and it will be a “final nail in the coffin of terrorism”.

It has fully integrated Jammu and Kashmir with India, he said.

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