Pakistani copy of Ducati 848 for Rs 3.48 lakh

Sigma Warrior 350 shamelessly flaunts a Ducati badging on the fuel tank while the 848 is written on the front fairing. You will be shocked to know the warranty and the price of this motorcycle. All details of the Sigma Warrior 350 here.

We have seen how Chinese replica bikes of globally successful models are available in Pakistan and how these have a striking resemblance with the original models.

Sigma Motorsports has been selling numerous bikes in the country and these are made by a Chinese brand called Zongsheng. The latest example is the Sigma Warrior 350.

Take a look at the images and you will take no time in figuring out the inspiration for this motorcycle. The Sigma Warrior 350 is a copy of the Ducati 848 that started its life in the year 2008 and the production came to an end in 2013, when the manufacturer announced the 899 Panigale as the 848’s replacement.

However, the Sigma Warrior 350 is different from other copy bikes that we brought to you in the past as it takes copying to a whole new level.

The Sigma Warrior 350 shamelessly flaunts a Ducati badging on the fuel tank while the 848 is written on the front fairing.

This indeed shows that Sigma Motorsports is trying to sell it as a ‘cheap’ Ducati rather than the Warrior 350 itself. We’re surprised how Ducati hasn’t filed a legal case against this motorcycle yet.

As opposed to the 849cc, V-twin engine on the Ducati 848, the unit on the Sigma Warrior 350 has a displacement of just 350cc and like always, the company’s official website is arrogant enough to NOT show the power and torque figures of this engine.

The only information we can see is that the mill gets a fuel injection system with liquid-cooling. And yes, this engine has a double cylinder layout that gives the bike a ‘full heavy sound’, as the website funnily claims.

The Sigma Motorsports official website is again disappointing when it comes to explaining the design of this motorcycle. The website says that the bike has a ‘unique look and aggressive design’ and moreover, it has an ‘excellent finishing’ as well.

The Sigma Warrior 350 is available for sale in red, black and white shades. For obvious reasons, Sigma Motorsports is promoting this bike on its website in a red colour which is the most popular shade for Ducatis worldwide.

In terms of equipment, the Sigma Warrior 350 gets inverted forks up front along with a rear monoshock. The braking set up comprises of dual disc brakes at the front while the rear is taken care of by a single disc unit.

An ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) or any other safety tech is not offered even as an optional extra and this is the difference between a cheap replica and an original and technically advanced product.

Like other Sigma bikes, this one too gets a 1500 km warranty which is quite funny as, on one hand, the company is promoting this bike as a Ducati look alike and on other, it is giving a warranty that would lapse within just a month or two in a normal case.

Now, the most important aspect i.e. price, this Ducati, errrr, Sigma Warrior 350 can be yours for a price of 665000 PKR that translates to Rs 3.54 lakh as per the Indian currency. So, just in case you are too eager to buy a Ducati and are low on budget, now you know where you have to invest your money in!

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