Panchayat issues diktat; against girls using mobile phones; know why

They had gone about doing it against their family’s wishes

With the girl’s safety becoming a issue these days, a village panchayat in Haryana’s Sonepat district has come up with a novel plan.

The panchyat has issued diktat not to allow girls use mobile phones and has even barred them from wearing jeans.

This is apparently to prevent them from ‘eloping with the boys’.

The panchayat, it is said, is now determined to see that the diktat gets implemented.

This is especially sensitive topic for the village as it is said that so far three college-going girls from the village had eloped with boys.

They had gone about doing it against their family’s wishes.

The panchayat then concluded that it is the mobile phones and wearing of modern clothes that is to blame for the ‘ailment’.

It remains to be seen whether the administration does intervene in the matter or whether such people continue to have their own way.

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