Pankhuri Awasthy’s poem on RAPE will give you goosebumps

Actress Pankhuri Awasthy wrote a powerful poem explaining the current state about girls in our country.

She is playing a rape victim in ‘Kya Qusoor Hai Amla Ka?’ The show is an Indian adaption of hit Turkish show Fatmagul. Pankhuri Awasthy also played a strong character in the historical show, Razia Sultan.

A marketing professional turned actor and a poet by passion, Pankhuri Awasthy shared a heart-breaking and powerful handwritten poem titled ‘Let’s not wake up’ on her social media.

It has a strong message, take a look at Pankhuri’s poem below:

Let’s not wake up’

Let’s not wake up

Because an eight month old is thrown out of a three wheeler while her twenty – three year old mother is gang raped

Let’s not wake up

Because the eight month old will never wake up again!

Let’s not wake up

because for a three year old, even the School is not a safe place anymore.

Molested & Bruised on her private parts by a Male teacher, she says.
And no different for her Boy her age too.

The school says that the accusations are unfounded while the media wouldn’t give away the name of the school.

Let’s not wake up because these institutions will never wake up.

Let’s not wake up

Because in an after-care home, the rape survivors, fifteen & seventeen years old commit suicide, raped by her own father & by an NRI neighbor respectively, they mention in their suicide notes that, they were fed up of life.

Let’s not wake up, because I am guilty & you are guilty.

Have we done anything or is that all we can do? Watch the numbers increase everyday.

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