School roof caves in, small children saved miraculously

Parents vent their ire on administration for being indifferent to repeated complaints

Baloda Bazar.

School buildings in Chhattisgarh are not proving to be very safe for children studying in them. A number of incidents have been reported from different districts which are enough to make parents scary and worried about their children while they are out to study in their schools.

An incident of a school roof suddenly subsiding while a class was in progress has again sent shivers down the spines of their parents. However, all the children present in the class have been reported to be unhurt in the incident. That has eventually allowed the school management a reason to feel relieved.

The incident took place in Purgaon village primary school in Bilaigarh sub-division of the district. The roof of the school suddenly broke down.

This village had been adopted for development by former Loksabha MP Bhushanlal Jangde. Such an incident has not borne well with the work he has done for an all-round development of the village.

While the incident frightened the parents of the students, it has also bred a sense of discontent among them. They have called it an example of how administration is putting small children at a risk of their life due to their lack of seriousness and commitment towards their responsibilities.

The hapless parents alleged that despite their repeated complaints about the dilapidated condition of the school building, no one took care to look into it and put everything right.

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