Passenger offloaded from IndiGo flight; after he complained of ‘mosquitoes’??

Thus the passenger was offloaded, claims the airline

A passenger on board an IndiGo flight from Lucknow to Bengaluru claimed that the flight was full of mosquitoes of which he complained to the airline crew.

But the airline maintains that the passenger did not stop at the complaint and went on to use threatening language while also tried to instigate the fellow passengers to damage the aircraft.

Thus the passenger was offloaded, claims the airline.

However, the passenger identified as Saurabh Rai maintains that the flight was full of mosquitoes and that he was manhandled by crew.

IndiGo however maintains that their priority is security of passengers and crew members.

In a statement issued, the IndiGo airline said that Saurabh Rai who was scheduled to fly this morning on 6E-541 from Lucknow to Bangalore, was offloaded on grounds of unruly behavior.

Prior to take-off, Rai, expressed concerns regarding mosquitos on board. However, before the cabin crew on board could address his concerns, Rai aggressively expressed his annoyance and started to use threatening language, it stated.

The matter became so big that the civil aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu today ordered an enquiry into the matter.

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