Passenger ‘touched’ woman seated next while in flight, now arrested

flight was headed from Denver to Charleston, South Carolina.

Misbehaviour or objectionable conduct within flights is showing no signs of slowing down as in the latest incident a 45-year-old man is facing federal charges for allegedly touching a female passenger, passing crude comments and then urinating then and there.

The flight was headed from Denver to Charleston, South Carolina.

The man has been identified as Micheal A Hagg.

He is said to be reportedly drunk on the flight and has been charged with interfering with a flight crew and two counts of indecent exposure.

Hagg, who was assigned a middle seat on the Frontier Airlines, ordered drinks immediately after the plane took off.

As per reports, there were two women on both sides of this person.

It is said that while one of them was asleep, Hagg allegedly tried having a conversation with the other woman.

Elaborating on his reason to take flight, he also told the woman that he is headed to meet his old girlfriend, as per reports.

The woman noticed, as per FBI agents looking into the matter, Hagg kept staring down at her chest area.

While the woman in conversation dozed off to sleep to avoid Hagg, he shifted his attention to the woman who was already asleep.

In her complaint to the FBI, the woman recalled waking suddenly after Hagg was touching her fingers.
When she confronted him, he apologized but he then continued to corner her against the window and the woman had enough after he allegedly touched her leg.

After some time, Hagg allegedly unhooked his seatbelted and urinated in front of his co-passengers.

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