Gaming app moniker lands Taylor Swift in legal soup

Patrick Benot obtained the rights to 'Swift Life' a decade ago

Los Angeles.

Singer Taylor Swift has been accused of stealing the name of her gaming application. The singer launched The SwiftLife in 2017 to introduce fans to a special social network, through which they can gain access to exclusive content.

However, small business owner Patrick Benot claims he obtained the rights to the name for his computer consulting company a decade ago and now he’s suing Swift for trademark infringement.

In legal papers, obtained by a media company, he alleges the pop star’s new application has sparked confusion among consumers, with her fans inundating his Swift Life email helpline with questions about her product.

Benot argues that Swift and her representatives should have known better because she has registered multiple trademarks for other ventures.

Computer consulting company SwiftLife owned the name since 2007 before the singer, 28, launched the social media app last year. Benot claimed in his lawsuit that he was never contacted by the singer or her representatives over the use of the app’s name ahead of its release.

He is seeking to protect his brand and force Swift to pay him unspecified damages.

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