People demand immediate ban on movement of heavy vehicles

Raipur: With demand to ban movement of heavy vehicles in city limits towards Ring Road area, MLA Raipur (West) Vikas Upadhyay submitted a memorandum to SSP along with residents of Raipura area. The residents of Raipura informed that in heavy populated area like Raipura, there is regular movement of heavy vehicles like Hywa, Dumper, Capsule adn others and entire areas is thickly populated and urged the SP to conduct inspection there and take decision likewise.

It is notable here that a woman on a moped was over-run by a speedily driven Truck near Amleshwar region of Mahadev Ghat area on Sunday at around 1:30 in the afternoon. The female died on the spot, as she was literally crushed to death. After this tragic incident, MLA Raipur (W) Vikas Upadhyay along with residents of Amleshwar and Raipura area went to meet the SP and urged him to impose ban on movement of heavy vehicles during morning and peak working hours.

The residents informed SP that there are schools, colleges, hospital and other big institutions in this region and such incidents are taking place regularly. They informed that earlier also they have raised demand to put ban on movement of heavy vehicles and added that if at all the ban would have been imposed, then this tragic incident would not have taken place on Sunday and person’s life could have been saved.

But to to carelessness on part of earlier government there is lot of fear and resentment among the residents of Raipura and Amleshwar region and they immediately demanded ban on movement of heavy vehilces from this region. Those who submitted memorandum included Domesh Yadu, Vinod Kashyap, Sandeep Tiwari, Dinesh Pandey, Bhushan Chandravanshi, Dinesh Sainik, Nehru Pal, Leeladhar Sahu, Aman Gill, Ritesh Sahu, Ajay Nishad and other party workers and residents of Raipura.

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