Persecuted Ahmadiyya leaders blame Pakistani regime for supporting terror

That Pakistani regime is in bed with the terrorists is now proven fact.

But there are various communities in Pakistan too who feel persecuted and expose the working of Pakistani regime.

One such community is that of Ahmadiyyas, who claimed that Pakistani government has given a free hand to the ‘mullahs’ (Muslim clergymen) who closely collaborate with terrorist groups and create problems worldwide.

They cited that terror attacks such as in Pulwama are also caused by outfits sponsored by Pakistani regime.

The leaders of the Ahmadiyya community, a minority sect of Muslims, also highlighted how in Pakistan they are being denied even the basic rights like practising their religion and voting besides being targeted with false cases of blasphemy.

During an event held here on the sidelines of a conference of the UN Human Rights Session (UNHRC), the community leaders sought to draw the international focus on Pakistan-bred terrorism besides demanding an amendment to the draconian laws targeting them in Pakistan.

Ayaz said it’s not that only Ahmadiyyas are facing persecution but the “mullahs and terrorists” collaborate to kill and harass others as well.

“In Pakistan, the Christians and Hindus are facing the same problem as we Ahmadiyyas are facing. The terrorists .. are creating problems for the entire world. Pakistan can easily repeal laws against the minorities, but it is not doing so because of the fear of extremist forces,” the Ahmadiyya leader said.

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